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Atticus the Bush Viper

Now...this is something a little bit different, and by that I mean, this crochet kit isn't from Aldi but rather from the lovely TOFT. I saw the Atticus the Bush Viper kit on Instagram and fell in love with the colours of the wool and the snake itself. Unfortunately, I waited too long to purchase… Continue reading Atticus the Bush Viper

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Baby Shark…

Hello everyone! I apologise if this blog post title made you involuntarily sing that annoying baby shark song...I couldn't help myself! This blog post is actually about a baby shark crochet kit. Looking at the blog, I have completely neglected it. In all honesty I have been super lazy with my crochet projects as of… Continue reading Baby Shark…

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Tangled Inspired Embellishment

Happy Monday everyone! I hope it has been a really good start to the week for all of you! Now, I have been working on a little project that I have called 'Tangled Inspired Embellishments'. First things first, I LOVE Tangled! I have a magic golden flower tattoo and I have seen the film about… Continue reading Tangled Inspired Embellishment