The Handmade Fair, Embroidery and a Little Mermaid

As you may have concluded from the title, I attended The Handmade Fair at Bowood House last weekend. It was an absolutely gorgeous day for it; the sun was shining, ice cream was thoroughly enjoyed and sunburn was narrowly avoided! When purchasing the tickets you can choose a skills workshop, a grand make and a… Continue reading The Handmade Fair, Embroidery and a Little Mermaid

Crochet Kits

Little Rubber Ring Penguin

Hello everyone! As previously mentioned in my last post I purchased a couple of crochet kits from Aldi and am currently making my way through them. Thus, I have completed the penguin! Penguins are literally my favourite animal, I've been to a penguin experience where I was able to feed and hold them, and as… Continue reading Little Rubber Ring Penguin