Advent Calendars and Christmas Jumpers

It is finally upon us, the most wonderful time of the year; Christmas jumpers, mince pies and time spent with loved ones. One of my personal favourite elements of this time of the year is the abundance of festive lights everywhere you look. I love attending Christmas light switch ons and I very much enjoy… Continue reading Advent Calendars and Christmas Jumpers

The Little Crochet Caddy Patterns

Wear Your Poppy with Pride

It is an important time of the year, and I think it's important to wear your Poppy with pride. I decided to crochet these little poppies as a show of respect and remembrance. Its a very simple pattern, one in which I hope you enjoy making and feel proud to wear. What you'll need Red… Continue reading Wear Your Poppy with Pride

The Little Crochet Caddy Patterns

The Start of Winter Essentials

Winter is a really lovely time for us crafters! Not only is it far too cold for outside activities, but there are so many wonderful winter bits that you can make with really cosy yarn. I have started my winter makes off with a few simple bobble hats. The first one was inspired by Halloween… Continue reading The Start of Winter Essentials

The Little Crochet Caddy Patterns

Little Pumpkins

With autumn here and Halloween fast approaching, I couldn't resist jumping on the Pumpkin Band Wagon! I wanted to make my very own pumpkin, with some nice detail and texture. Luckily for me I had just purchased a gorgeous Paintbox yarn colour pack called 'Fallen Leaves'. As you can imagine, it was made up of… Continue reading Little Pumpkins

The Little Crochet Caddy Patterns

Granny Square Cushion Cover

Last week I caught the granny square bug. There is just something so wonderfully endearing about the humble granny square. I don't know if it is the simplicity, the quick satisfaction of completing one or that the possibilities of what they might become once joined to each other are endless. Also, for me, they hold… Continue reading Granny Square Cushion Cover

The Little Crochet Caddy Patterns

Tangled Inspired Embellishment

Happy Monday everyone! I hope it has been a really good start to the week for all of you! Now, I have been working on a little project that I have called 'Tangled Inspired Embellishments'. First things first, I LOVE Tangled! I have a magic golden flower tattoo and I have seen the film about… Continue reading Tangled Inspired Embellishment


Tea on the Green: BLOCK B

Block roll....complete!! Now, this little Block was a real delight to hook. It was infinitely quicker to produce the 8 Blocks of this one than Block A. I even managed to enjoy hooking this one out in the sunshine! (Which allowed for some really adorable photographs! See these above!) Now the weather has almost… Continue reading Tea on the Green: BLOCK B