About The Little Crochet Caddy

Welcome to The Little Crochet Caddy…

I’m Jasmin, a lover of tea, penguins, Cadbury’s Twirls and (of course) YARN!! There’s always a crochet project on my hook and sometimes I even like to write about my little crochet endeavours right here at The Little Crochet Caddy.

I first learnt to crochet a few years ago in a Costa Coffee, (not at an official Costa event, although that would have been a brilliant idea, but just on location) however I could only make a traditional granny square for quite some time. I did always choose really brightly coloured yarns and as I’m a rather tactile person, I was always drawn to the softest of the yarns available to me.

Ever since then I’ve always been working on something crochet related, whether it’s a lovely crochet along, an amigurumi project or various crochet accessories. I absolutely adore crocheting. I am definitely happiest with a crochet hook in my hand and a cup of tea just in reach.

I hope you enjoy reading about my little crochet endeavours here at The Little Crochet Caddy.