The Handmade Fair, Embroidery and a Little Mermaid

As you may have concluded from the title, I attended The Handmade Fair at Bowood House last weekend. It was an absolutely gorgeous day for it; the sun was shining, ice cream was thoroughly enjoyed and sunburn was narrowly avoided! When purchasing the tickets you can choose a skills workshop, a grand make and a grand theatre experience. While perusing the skills workshop options, I was drawn to the embroidery workshop. It is something that I see on Instagram and Pinterest a lot and find it extremely fascinating and really quite wonderful. Now, I’ve never tried embroidery so I thought I’d give it a go!

The workshop was delivered by Hawthorn Handmade and considering I had never previously attempted embroidery and left the workshop having completed several different stitches, I would say that the workshop was a success! We were provided with all the materials needed, including the lovely printed hummingbird template on the embroidery fabric. We practiced the basics, including the back stitch, French knot and star stitch.

I enjoyed the workshop so much that I purchased an array of brightly coloured embroidery threads to complete my hummingbird at home. As you can see from the above image I’ve still got a lot of stitching left to do but I intend to work on it some more this evening. So, anyone who would like to give embroidery a go, I would definitely recommend it and it’s always good to learn a new crafty skill!

In other news, crochet news that is, I don’t know if any of you have seen this month’s Simply Crochet magazine, but it came with an absolutely adorable mermaid amigurumi crochet kit, which I couldn’t resist!

This little mermaid is so unbelievably cute! And, she’s really easy to make (albeit a little bit fiddly when you’re hooking the flowing hair). But, I think you’ll agree, it’s worth the extra effort! The kit is designed by Illaria Caliri and includes everything you need to make this adorable little mermaid. I wonder what lovely treat next months’s issue will bring!

Well, I’m off to complete some more stitches on my little hummingbird. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! It’s meant to be nice and sunny! (Which means….perfect outdoor crafting weather!!)

Happy Crafting Everyone!

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