Advent Calendars and Christmas Jumpers

It is finally upon us, the most wonderful time of the year; Christmas jumpers, mince pies and time spent with loved ones. One of my personal favourite elements of this time of the year is the abundance of festive lights everywhere you look. I love attending Christmas light switch ons and I very much enjoy evening walks to see the lights.

Anyways…this year I was treated to a Paintbox Yarn Advent Calendar. Which is…by far…the cutest advent calendar I have ever been lucky enough to have. Every day you open the little numbered door and inside is a cute teeny ball of Paintbox yarn. The ultimate plan is to collect all the colours and at the very end I am going to see if any inspiration strikes and crochet something to mark the end of the year.

In other news, I challenged myself to crochet my very own Christmas jumper this year. I saw the lovely gingerbread cropped jumper in an issue of Simply Crochet and I had to at least try and make it! If you haven’t seen it, the pattern is absolutely gorgeous! It uses various Stylecraft yarn and has an adorable gingerbread man embellishment on the front. However, the pattern is mainly consistent of double crochets…over and over again. So…it is taking some time to grow and begin to look like an actual Christmas jumper. I’m really enjoying the process though!

I’m optimistic! I imagine I’ll finish it in the very last remaining hours of Christmas Eve! (Which…totally still counts as making your own Christmas jumper!!)

I hope you are all having a wonderful run up to Christmas and I also hope you’ve all got lots of festive craft projects on the go!

Happy Christmas Crafting Everyone!!


at The Little Crochet Caddy

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