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The Start of Winter Essentials

Winter is a really lovely time for us crafters! Not only is it far too cold for outside activities, but there are so many wonderful winter bits that you can make with really cosy yarn. I have started my winter makes off with a few simple bobble hats. The first one was inspired by Halloween and some really gorgeous Autumnal Paintbox Yarn colours.

This is my very own Pumpkin Hat! I made it last Sunday afternoon, it was cold outside and I was enjoying a family roast. The perfect time to make a cute little winter accessory! I hooked this one freehand (I’m genuinely surprised that it actually resembles a hat!) It is simply made up of a combination of treble crochets and back loop treble crochets. I’d encourage everyone to have a go at hooking something like this freehand. I just kept holding it up to my head (much to the amusement of my family!) to check the size.

As you can see from the photograph, I had a few failed attempts at making pom poms for the top of my hat. It is my belief that no winter hat is complete without a cute puffy pom pom. Unfortunately, as you can see by these pom poms, I’m not sure I can happily call this a winter hat. I made these pom poms with a very old fashioned pom pom maker. I think it’s called a Pom Pom Loom. Or at least that is what I’m calling it now, I think it’s quite a cute name! The only problem is (one that I am sure is actually just user error!) that it makes very loose pom poms and no matter how tight I pull the yarn that wraps around all the strands, it just doesn’t puff out. Anyways, this struggle prompted me to purchase some newer pom pom makers. Which, do a fantastic job! Please see extra puffy pom pom in photograph below…

I continued the winter hat adventures with this cute little pink and grey number. The grey yarn is a very soft Paintbox and the sparkly pink is some yarn I found in my stash. What a find! And…as you can see…that’s a nice puffy pom pom!! (Insert little emoji with hearts for eyes!)

I really would encourage everyone to have a go at hooking a cute winter hat freehand. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well you’ll do!

I’ll be back soon…I’m currently waiting on a large yarn order to get started on some Christmas crochet!

Happy Crafting Everyone!


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