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Tangled Inspired Embellishment

Happy Monday everyone! I hope it has been a really good start to the week for all of you!

Now, I have been working on a little project that I have called ‘Tangled Inspired Embellishments’. First things first, I LOVE Tangled! I have a magic golden flower tattoo and I have seen the film about 10,000 times. Therefore I decided to make a cute little embellishment inspired by the Tangled colour palette. (Essentially yellow and purple!)

It’s just a quick one and I am sure the possibilities of what you want to use them for or turn them into are endless. I haven’t decided what I am going to do with mine, all I know is that I have lots and lots and LOTS of them now and I will eventually have to make a decision of what they will become!


Anyways…on to the pattern….

Psssttt: ENJOY! (It’s a quick one!)

(Please note that this pattern is for personal use only.  Commercial use is strictly prohibited without permission of the author.)

What you will need…

  • Your chosen yarn
  • Your chosen yarn
  • Yellow (Yarn A)
  • Purple (Yarn B)
  • Crochet hook (Have a quick look on your yarn label to get the correct size for your project)
  • Needle and scissors


  • dc – double crochet
  • tr – treble crochet
  • dtr – double treble
  • ch – chain
  • slt – slip stitch
  • st – stitch

Yarn A

Round 1: Firstly, make a magic circle, ch 1

Round 2: 10 dc into the magic circle

Round 3: 2dc into each dc (20 stitches)

St into first dc

Round 4: Ch 5, Dc into next st

This should form a loop of chains

Dc into next 3 st

Repeat this until you have 5 of these little loops

Round 9: 3tr into the first loop, dtr, 3tr (all into the same loop)

Dc into next 3 st

You should start to see that the petals of your golden flower emerging. Repeat this until you have completed this for each 5 of the little loops.

Fasten off Yarn A

Yarn B

Round 13: Attach Yarn B to one of the dtr Ch 4.

tr into the middle dc of the set of 3 in between each petal, ch 4

Dc into dtr at the top of the next petal

Repeat this until you have completed this for each 5 of the little petals

Slt into the beginning of the round

You should now have a cute little Tangled Inspired Embellishment!

(If not, have another read over the pattern…I’m sure you’re not far away!)

Use this Embellishment to create whatever your heart desires! AND…I’d really like to have a look at all your wonderful creations! So…get hooking!

Until next time!

Jasmin at The Little Crochet Caddy


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