Tea on the Green Crochet Along

Have you heard of this amazing movement? If not…you need to! When I happened upon it, I was completely blown away by how amazing, yet completely simple this idea was!

So, (for those of you who aren’t yarn nerds or stalkers of the Hobbycraft website) the Tea on the Green Crochet Along is…well…exactly what it says on the tin, it is a crochet project in which a piece of the pattern is released every week (on a Friday in fact). The idea is that it gets everyone crocheting along and there’s lots of opportunity to share your progress and ever growing project.

The project itself is a gorgeous blanket with beautiful colours and gorgeous patterns. It was designed by The Wee House of Crochet and Linda’s Craft Room, who run a knitcraft social for Hobbycraft. You can buy all the yarn you need to crochet along with this beautiful pattern in a bundle, unsurprisingly called The Tea on the Green crochet bundle. It even comes with the 4mm hook you need to get started!

Teaonthegreen edit


(Look at those gorgeous colours!)

I am just about to start this wonderful project…I know, I know…I am THREE WHOLE weeks behind! BUT…The weather man seems to believe that its going to be a pretty wet weekend…so….perfect crochet weather! I intend to catch up and mark my progress on here.

I hope you all decide to join in too and I look forward to not only hooking mine but seeing all of yours too!

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